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Good communication makes for happy customers, motivated employees and great team dynamics. Easy to say, not quite so easy to put in practice.

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Welcome to Service Animals™ - the world-renowned tool that helps managers and team members make the most of your individual service personalities.

We believe we all have an inner animal that shapes how we communicate with others, and therefore the service we give each other and our customers.

Service Animals™ helps you understand your own inner animal and how to recognise others. So you can build better rapport and better relationships.
What’s not to love?

How Service Animals™ can help you and your organisation


Loved the world over

Service Animals™ has been used and loved by teams from a whole range of sectors across every continent in the world except Antarctica! (and yup, we’re working on that.)

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Easy and sticky

No one ever forgets Service Animals™ (in a good way!). And that’s because it’s easy – it’s easy to understand, easy to coach, easy to embed. Did we mention it’s easy?

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Perfect for teams

If you’re a manager, you can quickly see how you can make the most of your team’s dynamics – helping you communicate, recognise or even structure your team. And if you’re a team member, Service Animals™ will smooth out some of those wrinkles to get you cooking on gas!


It's all about you

Service Animals™ isn’t just about teams and organisations, it’s about each one of us at a personal level. It helps all of us improve all the relationships in our lives. (What can we say, we like to spread the love!)


See results in minutes

Service Animals™ is so practical and simple, teams are able to improve the service they give their customers and each other within minutes. So why are you hanging around... Take the next step!

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